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Thread: Blount Signed to 2 Year Deal

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    Blount Signed to 2 Year Deal

    Just got an alert from NFL mobile.

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    solidifies are backfield with young talent.
    wont need to draft one until late, if at all

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    I like this!

    I still think we need to bring a couple young guys in. I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 RB draft pick/UDFAs in camp. Would still like to see LSH as third down guy.
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    I love this. I wanted him ever since his draft class. NE is stupid for not caring to get him back. I felt this kid ran like a Steeler all along. I love, love, love this.

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    Just popped on Post Gazette


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    now, just one late round, light weight who can play 3rd downs/change of pace and the're pretty dang solid
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    I like the signing - I think Blount is a better back than Dwyer, so this is one area where the Steelers have arguable improved. I'd also like to see a change of pace / return guy type back picked late.

    One thing that I really like is that there is no news of any restructuring, which means that Blount was likely squeezed under the cap with a first year cap hit of less than $1.5 million. I'd think that this will be the last move before the draft, with the Steelers waiting to maybe add one or two more veteran players after Woodley's money becomes available.

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    I really love this pick up. I agree we need a change of pace back. Check my sig for my thoughts on that.

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    I think Felix or LSH should be that guy

    Crazy how fast we are at RB with the top two guys totaling 480 pounds

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    Even though we weren't going to draft a RB high, this still allows us to worry less about RB in the draft. Now we can go....

    - CB
    - FS
    - NT
    - WR
    - LB, not necessarily in that order.


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