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Thread: Yet another Baltimore felon in trouble

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    Yet another Baltimore felon in trouble


    Ravens Wide Receiver Deonte Thompson Arrested After Climbing On SUV Naked

    Posted by [URL=""]IamShado[/URL] On March 27, 2014 [URL=""]0 Comment[/URL]
    Fans of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Deonte Thompson got the opportunity to see him in all of his glory on Wednesday evening.
    Thompson was arrested after climbing on top of a an SUV, removing all of his clothing then taunting police officers as they tried to talk him down. Police believe he was likely high on PCP at the time.
    To make things even worse, the SUV on which he stood contained a family including several small children. The driver of that SUV, Jose Goldsmith of Baltimore, was heard yelling from his car, “Yo man, I got kids in here!” as Thompson stood naked above them.
    Thompson stopped traffic and and yelled as passers-by for nearly 15 minutes before police were able to subdue him.
    This is the second arrest within a month for Thompson. In February he was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    Thompson played at Florida and was signed by the Ravens as an undrafted free agent in 2012. This has come at possibly the worst time for the Ravens as they are still trying to decide what to do with running back Ray Rice who was arrested for assault just last month.
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    Looks like Baltimore should change their name to "Raiders-East."

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    Does this qualify for "behavior unbecoming for the NFL?" Wonder what the good folks at NFL headquarters will do with this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kindlecatsb'ng View Post
    Does this qualify for "behavior unbecoming for the NFL?" Wonder what the good folks at NFL headquarters will do with this.

    Burn the he tapes ........oh wait........never mind

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