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Thread: Some of our best past opponents

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    Some of our best past opponents

    Do you watch some old NFL stuff and find some of our past opponents to provide you with feel-good nostalgia? I do. Even from some of the eras when Pgh wasn't that good; I still find watching old clips of some of our foes to give me a warm feeling. Here are some of them.

    1. The Glanville-Moon era Oilers. I don't know if the run and shoot doomed that team from winning a championship or what, but that team was stacked, big time. It seemed like they had play makers on top of play makers. When they were on a roll it seemed like no one should be able to beat them. They had 3 stud RBs in Highsmith, White and Brown. They had an OL made of all first round picks and they played like it. They had a WR unit with Webster Slaughter, Jeffries, Givins and Duncan. Had a top rated D with such studs as Al Smith, Sean Jones, Ray Childress. William Fuller, Lamar Lathon, Wilber Marshall, Blain Bishop, Cris Dishman, Bubba McDowell, Michael Barrow. And had a QB who threw the nicest ball I have ever seen. They are one of the most talented teams to never win a Super Bowl. They got to be. That team was loaded and I enjoy seeing clips from the day. I don't know how the Steelers ever beat those guys, but they did a few times, with Steeler teams that weren't all that good. We always had bad QBs, virtually no play makers on offense.

    2. The Jim Kelly Bills. I hated those teams at the time they were around, because I had one of those friends who made you hate his favorite team, the Bills. I always rooted against them, and thankfully, he never had the satisfaction of them winning a ring. But looking back, I do enjoy reminiscing about those Bills teams. They had a hall of fame QB (who I hated), one of the most versatile backs ever in Thurman, two great WR in Lofton and Reed, pro bowlers all along the OL and a defense that featured Bruce Smith, Bisquit, Henry Jones, Darryl Talley, Shane Conlan, Phil Hansen. I think the offense must have hurt what should have been a great defense. The O would score so fast the D never got to rest. They were the only team to make 4 consecutive SB, but never did win one. They should have won their 1st one, but got blown out the next 3.

    3. Boomer Esiason Bengals. Another team around when Pgh wasn't very good. Boomer, Icky Woods, Pete Johnson - and one of the most underrated players of all time - James Brooks. Eddie Brown, Collinsworth. That was a very good, play action offense and Boomer was one of the best play action QBs of all time. But I don't really like Boomer as a commentator. He seems constantly angry and usually wrong in his opinions.

    4. The Jimmy Johnson Cowboys. I hated them at the time, but, again, seeing stuff on them makes me smile. The OL might be the most dominant in league history. Aikman, who I feel is overrated, was perfect for that team. They creamed you with Emmitt rushing the ball, but when you brought up safeties to help try to stop him, they killed you hitting Irvin and Harper down the field. And the D was stacked too. They probably left at least two titles on the table because Jones' ego couldn't take Jimmy getting credit. Had Jimmy stayed, they win a few more than they did.

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    I really enjoyed dynasty week for the steelers last week on NFL network. was fun watching replays of the old superbowls.

    speaking of the bengals - one of the regrets of my life was meeting Anthony Munoz in the mid 80's and giving him a rash of $hit about their recent success over the steelers. I was a cocky young yinzer. Munoz was polite and gracious, didn't take the bait and said he was hoping to win at least one superbowl before the steelers hit #5. Well, we all do dumb things when we're young..........

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    Hey Roger...
    John Madden Oakland Raiders: Stabler, Casper, and Branch/Biletnikoff made for a potent offense. Infamous players on defense such as Hendricks, Sistrunk, and Lester Hayes.
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    I miss the days of playing the Jaguars twice a year. Seemed like Fred Taylor owned our defense for a few of those seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man of Steel View Post
    I miss the days of playing the Jaguars twice a year. Seemed like Fred Taylor owned our defense for a few of those seasons.
    Yeah, I don't miss that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Yeah, I don't miss that...
    Yeah me either. Taylor was a cut back beast.
    1. Carl Lawson-DE/OLB Auburn
    2. Marcus Williams-FS Utah
    3 Jake Butt-TE Michigan
    3B. Raekwon McMillan-ILB tOSU
    4. Ahkello Witherspoon-CB Colorado
    5. Eddie Vanderdoes-DT/DE UCLA
    6. Josh Malone-WR Tennessee
    7. Tarik "The Human Joystick" Cohen-RB/WR/PR, NCA+T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Yeah me either. Taylor was a cut back beast.
    Wow. For sure. Fred was a bada$$.

    I would would add in Curtis Martin as well when he was with the Pats and less so with the Jets.

    Both those guys could cut back against an over aggressive fast Steelers D and smoked us good.

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    Luv Ya Blue Oilers with Earl Campbell. in '78 and '79 that was every bit as intense as Ravens/Steelers was in the late 2000's when we were regularly battling for the division and then meeting again in the postseason with two mirror image hit you in the mouth teams. For my money, those Oilers teams are maybe the best ever to never make it to the SB. They never did largely because the best team ever, PERIOD, was there blocking them.
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    I always enjoyed Steelers-Jags and Steelers-Titans games from the old central. The re-aligned divisions just left us with all the teams that are too easy to make fun of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Rock View Post
    I always enjoyed Steelers-Jags and Steelers-Titans games from the old central. The re-aligned divisions just left us with all the teams that are too easy to make fun of.
    I would be happy with another realignment based on geography.


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