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Thread: Most underrated modern era Steelers

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    We're talking "underrated" here. James Farrior, Greg Lloyd, Yancey Thigpen, Levon Kirkland, etc. were never overlooked.

    How About This List:

    John Jackson - Excellent Left Tackle though undersized below 300 lbs.
    Jason Gildon - He had a good career rushing the passer and accumulated sacks regardless of how his career fizzled out at the end.
    Joel Steed - clogged up the middle, was as good as Casey Hampton.
    Deshea Townshend - loved this guy.....was a great player and was an intregral part of our Superbowl championships
    Adrian Cooper - Was a dominant blocker with amazing hands. Played behind Eric Green and got lost in a very boring Earhardt offense w/ no real QB to throw to him.
    Sid, IDK, two of your selections have me in a gray area. Gildon still has the all-time team sack record in the history of the Steelers. Obviously, he must have been great at one time. But - and you mentioned it - the way he fizzled out his last two seasons did leave a bad taste in my mouth. Not so much towards just him (because if they are still going to pay you millions, what are you going to do? Not take it?) but towards the team and Cowher. I was ticked off that they couldn't see what we were all seeing, which was Jason playing "titty" battles out there, not really doing anything. He had a respectable 9 sacks in 2002, but only 6 in 2003, and we saw those were just garbage time sacks vs. crappy teams. I remember when the team was trying to talk JG up, to sucker some team into making a trade for him, with Peter King actually playing along, reporting that JG was still a very good player. What lies. No one fell for it. He went to Jax for one 3 sack season. Why didn't they trade us a first round pick for him?

    Oh, and Cooper? He was big, powerful with soft hands, but I recall him as a bad attitude guy, which it surprises me he is now a coach. He obviously grew up, but I remember him with not the best team attitude, which is why they let him walk.

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    I'm shocked that no one has mentioned guys like Sean Mahan, Tim McKyer, Cedrick Wilson, Ricardo Colclough, etc. yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    I'm shocked that no one has mentioned guys like Sean Mahan, Tim McKyer, Cedrick Wilson, Ricardo Colclough, etc. yet.
    Might as well throw in Scott Shields and Jeremy Staat. I hated the McKyer signing. Cedric the Entertainer wasn't that bad. Colcough was garbage.

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    Truly UNDERRATED: Greg Warren

    We all remember when he got hurt and when James Harrison had to snap the ball. This guy has been with us since 2005 and anyone who has attended training camp can quickly tell you how awesome Greg is with the fans. Not only Underrated but that position itself is UNDERRATED.

    Go Steelers


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