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Thread: Nix is growing on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW Steeler View Post
    I agree. That is a "tight" looking 331.
    All I'm gonna say is........sometimes there is value in taking a little time before we hit the send button.

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    Mike Tomlin blocking Louis Nix at Notre Dame's Pro Day:

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    First, San Fran runs a 4-3... apples to oranges.
    You need to talk to the people bringing up 4/3 "Ngata" as proof of how valuable a 3/4 NT is in our defense.

    San Fran is as "apples to apples" as they come.
    San Fran runs a 3/4.
    Further great as Willis was, adding a SECOND outstanding ILB made took the defense to another level. They DID NOT NEED a great NT
    If the niners took a quantum leap adding a second talent to GREAT Patrick Willis, imagin if Lawrence Timmons had help from an outstanding ILB.

    They also took the best LB talent in a decade, IMO (Pat Willis)... Who i thought we should have traded up for that year. But, that's beside the point.
    You used to be SO RIGHT ....back then too.

    But, you are suggesting that if it happened in a particular round once, that it can happen every time. Antonio Brown was what, a 4th rounder? Why spend an early pick on a WR? And because Tom Brady was a 6th rounder, teams needing QBs should just take one in the 6th round.
    No that is not the point. I am not talking about the low pick that turns into great.
    My point is to dispel the myth that you need a great NT in this defense. You do not.
    San Fran (a team some one else brought up btw to debate me) proved it.

    Sopoaga in the 4th is NOT a surprise superstar drafted late.
    He was a "good" NT and they had a "great" defense.

    You know who is a surprise superstar drafted late. ?
    Bowman in the 3rd. I would take the multi-season all pro in the first 7 days a week.

    Bowman matters as a true playmaker. Sopoanga, Dorsey, whoever at NT, not so much.

    The Niners were OUTSTANDING the best interior defense in the LEAGUE with a NT in Sopoaga that cannot stick on a roster ONE YEAR LATER.

    Casey was a fine player, and had a long successful career as a Steeler.

    Nevertheless, we were 17 and 1 without him when we had linebackers and a capable backup to Casey.
    The best record during his tenure was when he missed 10 games the season.

    When Harrison was out, defense tanked, ditto Troy, A Smith also when in his prime. Casey.....not so much.
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    Defense was pretty steady when we lost A. Smith, Troy, Harrison, etc... we never fell off a cliff until we lost multiple positions. We never tanked without Harrison. We were less effective but we didn't tank.

    If we could get stud LB's I would be all for it but guess what? Willis and the other LB aren't found every day in the draft. If we had studs all over the field and all we needed was a body at NT I would be all for it.

    HOWEVER... we don't have studs at every position. Timmons is good.. but he is no Willis. VW is what he is... Worilds? We have no idea if he is the real deal. JJ is young but we have no idea if he is a stud as well.

    sorry, I still think NT is a solid choice in the 1st because we won't have to wait 3 years for him to finally get caught up to speed in order to see a significant impact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    sorry, I still think NT is a solid choice in the 1st because we won't have to wait 3 years for him to finally get caught up to speed in order to see a significant impact.
    agreed. i wouldn't be suprised by any of about 5 positions (NT, WR, ILB, DE, TE)... partly depends on how the rest of FA plays out. resigning Cotch may have lessened the need for WR. now that they haven't, it has moved up a little in priority.
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    Steelers Draft Targets: Louis Nix III

    Published: Tuesday, April 29, 2014
    By Ron Musselman Times NFL Correspondent

    Former Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix III very well could be the next Casey Hampton. The big question is whether the Steelers believe Nix is worthy of the 15th pick in the first round of next month’s NFL draft.

    Nix, like Hampton, has battled weight issues throughout his career.

    Nix is 6-foot-2, 329 pounds, which is down 25 pounds from January when he started training for the draft in Arizona.

    Hampton was 6-1 and his weight was often around the 350-pound range. But Hampton was a supreme run stuffer who was a five-time Pro Bowl performer during his 12-year career with the Steelers and a two-time Super Bowl champion.

    Nix said he dropped the weight by changing his eating habits and working out longer in the gym.

    “I didn’t put (the weight) on. It was already there for a while,” he said, laughing. “I enjoy my weight sort of to say, but people wanted me down, so I lost it.

    “My stomach doesn’t stick out as much. That’s kind of nice. I like that part. My thighs got a little smaller. I just feel sexier, man.”

    Nix is among a group of six defensive tackles who are projected as possible first-round draft picks in May. The others include Pitt’s Aaron Donald, Minnesota’s RaShede Hageman, Florida’s Dominique Easley, Florida State’s Timmy Jernigan and Stephon Tuitt, Nix’s former Notre Dame teammate.

    ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. believes there’s a chance the Steelers could land Nix with their second-round selection, the 46th pick.

    “Louis Nix III, a true nose tackle, his stock has dropped a little bit from a mid-first to maybe an early to mid-second,” Kiper said. “It’s not a run game anymore. It’s a pass game. So everything now is about getting after the quarterback. And the guys that can do it the best, led by Aaron Donald, are the ones that are going to go the highest.”

    General manager Kevin Colbert estimated the Steelers only played in their base defense roughly 40 percent of the time last season, but was quick to point out the 3-4 defense starts with the nose tackle spot.

    The Steelers signed burly 27-year-old nose tackle Cam Thomas (6-3, 330) to a two-year contract in the off-season. Thomas lost his starting job with the Chargers late last year. He was a fifth-round pick from North Carolina in 2010.

    Thomas gives the Steelers some versatility. Steve McLendon took over as Hampton’s replacement last season, but he also can play defensive end.

    In addition, the Steelers lost two defensive ends to free agency — Al Woods (Titans) and former first-rounder Ziggy Hood (Jaguars). Another, veteran Brett Keisel, remains an unrestricted free agent.

    Nix was the cornerstone of Notre Dame’s defense the past three seasons. He said he is fully recovered from season-ending surgery in November to repair a torn meniscus.

    Nix, a native of Jacksonville, Fla., said he wouldn’t mind playing for a cold-weather team such as the Steelers.

    “I’m a Florida boy, but I love cold weather,” he said. “I think I play better in the cold. I’m ready for it. Whatever pitch is thrown at me, I’m ready to stand at the plate.”



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