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Thread: Steve Smith to the Ravens

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    Steve Smith to the Ravens

    Does anyone care?

    Sorta like trading a Hines Ward at the end of his career.

    Smith can still get open, but is not gonna beat anyone deep.

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    They're going to use him in the slot...a good weapon for them there; gives Whacco another good receiving option, IMO.

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    Smith still has something left... Ward was a shell at the end of his career. Smith still blows by players. Look at his playoff TD vs SF last year... he is going to be a problem.

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    Smith isn't the jump ball type of WR that Flacco has enjoyed in the past. He'll be productive, but a game-changer? No.

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    I've always liked watching Steve Smith. I thought he was a guy that would have looked great in black & gold. Small but scrappy and a hard worker. Also, for a small receiver, he can go up and get the ball really well. He seemed to have lost a bit last year, but I'd rather him not be with the Ravens.

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    Guy has an attitude about him. I can see him being a cancer if he doesn't get the attention he wants. This could implode for the Ravens. We shall see.

    Not to mention the fact that we picked up Mitchell. I would imagine he has some inside info on Smith. This goes both ways, but the advantage would lean to The Steelers, IMO.
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    It all depends on his ACL rehab.... the guy will be a problem for us if he is healthy. He still has something left in the tank.


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