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Thread: Steelers Reportedly interested in LSU QB Mettenberger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    As for Mettenberger. Some told me I was crazy when I said the Steelers wouldn't pass on a QB they think has the tools to be elite. Ben is 34, they are looking for the next guy. As for Jones, they may have realized he will never be more than a good back up. That's the gamble with drafting QBs.
    Ben just turned 32

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    That's crazy talk. The hatred for one of the best play making QBs to ever come out of college dumbfounds me.
    Him running around like a chicken with its head cut off will not work in the NFL. It's a 1 way ticket to IR.

    Tebow was one of the most decorated college QBs in history and look at where that got him in the NFL. Granted, Manziel might be the best passer but still.... I think Bortles is probably the best QB in this draft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelsnis View Post
    Ben just turned 32
    My bad that's what happens when my 40 yo brain doesn't look things Either way BB isn't a spring chicken and that was the point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelz09 View Post
    Him running around like a chicken with its head cut off will not work in the NFL. It's a 1 way ticket to IR.

    Tebow was one of the most decorated college QBs in history and look at where that got him in the NFL. Granted, Manziel might be the best passer but still.... I think Bortles is probably the best QB in this draft.
    You are wrong. I think it was Barry Switzer that said, he didn't like Manziel...thought he was immature, embarrassed his team etc. Then he went on to say he has never seen a playmaker like Manziel in college football. He said he was the best QB in the draft. I was thinking before I heard this that I may be crazy. But, I know that those who evaluate talent see what I see. His field vision might be the best to have ever played the game in college. His ability to make something from nothing is unreal. He has ice water in his veins, runs on pure confidence and will light this league up....UNLESS he decides to drink or party his way out of the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    So was Doug Flutie

    What is your point? I don't even normally respond to you because your responses rarely make sense. Yes, there are great playmakers in college who don't do it in the pros. Some that are like Brady who are average in college who become elite. What does that have to do with people hating Manziel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    My guess is if they were setting up an interview with Mettenberger, the real reason for it would be to gather intel on the likes of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry.
    LSU's Odell Beckham Jr. getting first-round predictions from ESPN draft analysts

    LSU could have as many as 10 players picked in the 2014 NFL draft in May and two - wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry - could end up being first-rounders. At least that's how ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay see it.

    Kiper and McShay both have Beckham going late in the first round in their latest mock drafts released Thursday. Kiper says he will go to the Philadelphia Eagles with the 22nd choice and McShay thinks OBJ will go one pick later to the Kansas City Chiefs. In his first mock draft, Kiper thought San Francisco would take Beckham.

    Kiper, additionally thinks Beckham's LSU running mate Landry will be taken by the 49ers with the 30th pick. Kiper cited Landry's "strong hands" and his fearlessness as a blocker.

    LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham (3) is thought to be a first round draft pick by both of ESPN's main draft analysts.

    McShay likes Beckham's explosiveness and that he's a good fit for the Chiefs, who are in need of playmakers. Kiper likes his versatility to play any of the receiver positions.

    Beckham had 59 receptions for 1,152 yards and eight touchdowns in a breakout season and finished his three-year career with 143 catches for 2,340 yards and 12 touchdowns. Beckham was named All-SEC first team as an all-purpose player and was a third-team AP All American at the same position.

    Landry caught 77 passes for 1,193 yards and 10 scores. In three years his totals were 137 receptions, 1,809 yards and 15 scores.

    Here are their complete comments:

    Mel Kiper on Beckham: "He could show off elite straight-line speed at the combine, but he's particularly explosive out of breaks, creating separation and making him dangerous with the ball in his hands. His speed also translates to the return game. Beckham could be a good fit in Philly not just because he's a good receiver for a team that could use help in that department, but because he's versatile, and can work in the slot or on the edge."

    Kiper on Landry: "Knowing how 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has raved about the pass-catching ability of Michael Crabtree, I think the coach will like what he sees of Landry when he rolls the tape. It's not Harbaugh's final call to make, but what they'd get in Landry is a really strong hands-catcher who is fluid in and out of his breaks and doesn't care about making catches in traffic. Landry is a competitor, and isn't afraid to throw a block. He's done a good job of building on the considerable base of talent he flashed coming out of high school."

    Todd McShay on Beckham: "The Chiefs are in need of more offensive weapons, and Beckham seems like a good fit in Kansas City. He played his best football in 2013, and in particular his ball skills and overall focus improved late in the season. He isn't as consistent as teammate Jarvis Landry, but he's more explosive, a playmaker who is a threat to stretch the field and even more dangerous after the catch and on punt returns. Notre Dame DL Stephon Tuitt would make a lot of sense here as well, as would Fresno State WR Davante Adams, but Florida State WR Kelvin Benjamin is too much of a risk-reward prospect for the Chiefs to select at No. 23."


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