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Thread: Steelers Interested in Jared Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelblood View Post
    Is this a printed rumor? Do you have a link?
    Heard it on ESPN.

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    Let's not believe this bull****. If we are sticking with the older Keisel. Simple as that. So assinine.
    Round 1, Pick 15 (15)- Ryan Shazier, ILB; Ohio State
    Round 2, Pick 14 (46)- Stephon Tuitt, DE; Notre Dame
    Round 3b, Pick 33 (97)- Dri Archer, RB; Kent State
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    Round 5, Pick 17 (157)- Shaquille Richardson, CB; Arizona
    Round 5b, Pick 33 (173)- Wesley Johnson, OT; Vanderbilt
    Round 6, Pick 16 (192)- Jordan Zumwalt, OLB; UCLA
    Round 6b, Pick 39 (215)- Daniel McCullers, DT; Tennessee
    Round 7, Pick 15 (230)- Rob Branchflower, TE; Massachusetts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Not a bad fit in our new 4-3 defense!
    As long as you have been stirring that pot it's gotta happen one of these days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    They would be playing a lot more 4 man lines if he was brought in, for sure.

    Hes just a cool guy
    I would love to see the Steelers sign a guy who played his college ball at a culinary institute.


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