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Thread: Looks like Ike is staying

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    Looks like Ike is staying

    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    If it's true that he took a paycut, then I think it is a great deal for both sides.

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    Glad to see him back.

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    This is very good news. I'm surprised so many want to see him go after one off season. I think he has something left in the tank.
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    Sort of stayed out of the "Ike has to go" stuff.

    Fact is, he's still the #1 CB on this team until he's replaced. And what's on the market isn't significantly better than him.
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    At least when it comes to keeping in shape (and encouraging teammates to train), Ike is the anti-Woodley.

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    I like it!! I was down on him a few times in the past couple of seasons, but he's better than anything we could afford in FA. I love the fact that he took the pay cut to stay here and called himself a Steeler "lifer".

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    Awesome, they got all the major question marks resolved prior to the draft. Now we can work on improving run defense.
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    He took a paycut, I'm wondering how much.

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    sounds to me like a paycut this year with an extension overall...unless he has stated his intention to retire after this season


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