Overrated: Taylor Lewan is hands down the most overrated person in this draft. I suspect he will be nothing more than an average RT. He doesn't have the skills to warrant a first round pick. He is a 4th rounder at best.

Dark Horse: Colt Lyerla, IMO he is the second most athletic TE in this draft after Ebron. He went to rehab, is saying all the right things. If you haven't seen him play check out his youtube video...the guy is a beast. I know some will argue he isn't a "dark horse" but when a guy could be had in the 5th round or later who is as good as Lyerla...I think that qualifies. My guess? The Pats will take a chance on him. I know that is a bold prediction because they might still be raw from Hernandez...but they are in dire need of an athletic TE and I think they pull the trigger and take a chance.

Underrated: This is an easy one for me Caruan Reid-DE out of Princeton. He is projected for the 4th round. IMO, this guy is NFL ready without any real deficiencies in his game. He is a mid/high second round talent, and only that because of the teams Princeton plays. The dude is the real deal.

Fallers: I believe Anthony Barr will fall to the Steelers at 15. He is the guy I believe could throw a monkey wrench into draft boards and make it really tempting to grab an OLB in the first. Now, some will say I'm crazy especially with Worilds being transitioned, and Woodley eating up literally and figuratively a large contract. But, I'm not sold on Worilds...not sure the Steelers are either...and Woodley can't stay healthy. Barr is a reasonable possibility...and he fits that typical Tomlin OLB.