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Thread: Steelers Reportedly Interested in Verner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    "Even when I was in Pittsburgh I would go back and watch four or five Saints games just to get acquainted with what they were doing."
    Lewis' affinity for the Saints almost cost him on draft day. "I almost didn't get drafted because I told all the teams my wish was to play for the Saints," he said. "I let that be known when I was coming out of college at the Senior Bowl."

    Whether you believe him or not his comments about telling teams PRIOR TO THE DRAFT his desire to be a Saint seem legit. to me.

    Come on people he WENT TO SAINT GAMES like a fan AS A STEELER!!!!!

    It is like if you or I were drafted by the Saints and we became free agents and our beloved Steelers came calling.

    The Steeler MIGHT have a chance if we were in dynasty mode, but 8-8 versus returning home to the team of your heart. That is a no brainer
    some guys won't take Keenan at his word, and think he could have been swayed with a boat-load of money. for a team trying to clean up lockerroom issues and create a chemistry at that time, signing Lewis wasn't the best way to achieve that if his heart was truly elsewhere.

    obviously impossible to confirm, but reports tie Miami and Vikings as having put out offers > Saints (as much as $1M/yr more)

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Hell, I don't even think Wallace half assed it, he just isn't good at catching the ball in traffic if it isn't in his belly.
    Wallace need to say to the ball:


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