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Thread: Steelers reportedly interested in free agent TE Jermichael Finley

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    he would be an upgrade for sure at TE #2, if the money is right.

    dont ever want to see mike adams running a pass pattern again
    What? You mean you don't think Johnson and Paulson are awesome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    he would be an upgrade for sure at TE #2, if the money is right.

    dont ever want to see mike adams running a pass pattern again
    Thank you. I was thinking the same.

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    Can he block or is he just a "pass catcher"?

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    He looked awesome last year before his back was crushed into a gooey liquid.


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    If cheap... I see no problem with it. He would probably be like Cotch... savvy vet, good red zone option for Ben. If he passes the physical it would be a great pick up.

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    Our team neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon is the doctor who performed the neck fusion surgery on Finley, so he would know better than anyone else on the planet how his rehab is progressing. Coming off such a scary injury, no team is going to sign him to a long-term deal, so he is going to have to settle for a one year "prove it" type deal (perhaps at the vet minimum level).

    If they Pack decide to go in a different direction (they parted ways with Pro Bowler Nick Collins after neck fusion surgery), then Finley would likely aim for a team with a solid QB after befitting from Rodgers up to this point. We have that QB here, and we also have his doctor here, and circumstances dictate that he would be in our price range for 2014 at least.

    He may not be the best blocker, but if we wanted to double tight in short yardage and goal line, then use Miller and Spaeth instead. In the passing game, Miller and Finley wouldn't be Gronk and Hernandez, but it would be far and away better than any pair of TE weapons that I can think of in Black and Gold at the same time.

    Imagine if we signed Finley and then somehow Mike Evans fell to us at #15 as well (mighty unlikely, sure, but so was DeCastro falling to us once upon a time). Brown and Evans split out wide with Miller inline and Finley operating from the slot position and Bell as a single back...that's some dangerous weaponry right there. At that point, you could use the rest of your draft on defense (other than maybe a midround OL for depth). Sweet.

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    NFL Free Agency 2014: Jermichael Finely 'months away' from receiving medical clearance

    By Neal Coolong on Mar 23 2014

    The Steelers were more than likely just doing their due diligence on the injured receiving tight end, and they'll continue to do so until he's medically cleared to continue his career.

    There was a tidbit two weeks ago that serves now as sort of the unofficial Steelers launch into free agency speculation. Somehow or other, the Steelers were linked to free agent tight end Jermichael Finey, something that tantalizes the offense-based senses of many fans.

    Recent reports indicate Finley is still "months away" from full recovery from a bruised spinal cord that cost Finely most of his 2013 season. His market may pick up at that time, but certainly no team will hold its breath waiting for him.

    A lot can change between now and the midway point of training camp, though. The Steelers lost tight end Matt Spaeth around the middle of camp last year, and a large part of the reason the team signed him was because both Heath Miller and David Johnson were coming off significant injuries from the prior year.

    The Steelers signed Michael Palmer to a 1-year deal earlier in the week, but he shouldn't be viewed as adequate insurance on either Miller or Spaeth.

    The same could be said about Finley, who, when healthy, looks more like the higher-priced player those with a fortune in cap space can sign for the sake of playing in certain situations despite a three-down price tag. The Steelers definitely are not one of those teams, nor are they likely to use a receiver-first-second-and-third tight end.

    Never say never, but the initial report never felt all that legitimate anyway - the Steelers' interest, if there was any, was most likely just their due diligence.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    Jermichael Finely 'months away' from receiving medical clearance
    That's fine. We'll get some more cap room after June 1, so perhaps we sign him in a few months when our team neurosurgeon clears him.

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    Jermichael Finley draws interest of Raiders, Steelers

    By Chris Wesseling
    Around the League Writer

    Although the Seattle Seahawks have dropped out of the chase for Jermichael Finley, several teams are lining up to take their place.

    The New England Patriots hosted Finley for a visit last Friday. The Packers still envision the tight end playing in Green Bay if his surgically repaired neck checks out.

    NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports the Oakland Raiders have also shown interest in Finley.

    Rapoport adds that the free agent has visited the Steelers' facility and has been cleared by their team doctor, who also doubles as Finley's doctor.

    Finley has never lacked for suitors. The question is whether any doctor besides his own will clear him to play and whether any forthcoming offers will override a $10 million insurance policy that will kick in if Finley never plays football again.


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    I'd like to see him wearing black and gold. He's not in a position to ask for a lot of money, we have plenty of cap space available.
    I know we drafted a TE in the 7th, but you guys now 7th round is a lottery, Blanchflower may not be on the 53-man roster.
    It would be the best pass-catching TE duo we would see in years, we should give it a try.


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