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Thread: Draft a NT, sign one in free agency or stand pat with McLendon?

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    I dont think they can close the door on Fangupu either....but I wouldnt mind taking Kerr in the 3rd round

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discipline of Steel View Post
    I never said he was good. But he might be with a move to DE. Think about this as our starting rotation: Heyward, Nix, McClendon. The only reason McClendon was playing NT is because there was nobody else. NT is a glaring need and I would even consider moving up a few spots to secure Nix if necessary.
    this would make the whole D look better. Not sure about moving up to get Nix. I think/hope he is around at 15.

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    Advocating a Hampton-like nose tackle is advocating McLendon's ouster

    By Jack Finn on Mar 14 2014

    Alan Robinson tweets that "multiple" Steelers players believe a "Casey Hampton-type" player could help improve the Steelers declining run defense. This indicates these players believe Steve Mclendon can't get the job done at Nose Tackle.

    Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune review tweeted Thursday night that several Steelers players told him a "Casey Hampton-type space eater" could help improve the Steelers run defense.

    After being known as one of the best run stuffing units in the league over the last decade, The Steelers run defense took a bit of a nose dive in 2013, giving up uncharacteristically big yardage per game as well as allowing game changing long runs from the likes of Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte and Daniel Thomas. Yes, Daniel Thomas who?

    One of the lightning rods for run defense criticism has been new nose tackle Steve McLendon. Some would argue that he is not as big as a nose tackle should be, and therefore not able to perform the role of the gap-eating behemoth we usually associate with the nose tackle position in the Steelers 3-4 defense.

    In contrast, McLendon's predecessor, Casey Hampton, was the archetype gap-eating behemouth, and anchored a great Steelers run defense for over a decade. The principal criticism against McLendon is that he is not Hampton, which is both obvious and unfair, because Hampton is one of the best nose tackles of all time.

    But it is fair to say McLendon does not play like Hampton, he is not as strong nor does he frequently occupy multiple blockers the way Hampton use too, and some attribute this as the main factor in the decline of the run defense.

    Of course McLendon has his supporters too, and the issue has been hotly debated over the course of the season and into the off-season.

    However, if what Robinson says is true, and he has no real reason to lie, then it appears "several" Steelers players also attribute McLendon's inability to eat up multiple blockers as a large source of the problem. If they are advocating for a "Casey Hampton-type space eater" then they are also advocating the replacement of Steve McLendon.

    Robinson didn't specify how many players actually said this, he only said "multiple players", but even a few is enough to be seen as a damning criticism of Mclendon's job at Nose Tackle. If the players you're playing with don't think you can get the job done, then something is wrong.

    The Steelers are hosting Nose Tackle Cam Thomas today, and with their lack of depth along the defensive line it would seem likely they look to address both the defensive end and nose tackle position in the draft.


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    Maybe the Cam Thomas signing addresses the above article (at NT)? And moves McClenden to DE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    Maybe the Cam Thomas signing addresses the above article (at NT)? And moves McClenden to DE?
    Hope not. Cam's bigger, but, I keep reading Mclendon is better. Hoping Cam was for depth.
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    Everyone says we need another Casey because we need another Casey...


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