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Thread: Champ Bailey anyone?

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    Champ Bailey anyone?

    I think for the first time ever, some vet of note was cut and no Steeler fan suggested picking him up. Shocking. Couldn't he be our answer at FS? Could be, but that would be a huge mistake. He has barely played his last 2 years and he is old - exact opposite of what we need. Now Champ's biggest talent is making facial expressions as he is in street clothes and gets beat on a play. I don't remember him making a play of significance in 3 years. He has just been milking the sh-t out of his career the last few years. I doubt anyone will pick him up, and whoever does, is a fool.

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    I say sign him!

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    no way, let him retire.
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    I was waiting for this thread to start....

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    Can he play NT?

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    Might as well keep Ike. Bailey doesn't play the style LeBeau asks his CBs to play. Bailey has always been a play on the line and bump the WR CB. Not a 10 yard cushion guy.
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    Ike would be a better FS

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    We already have enough hasbeens to teach our nobody's to be a neverwas

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    Ike would be a better FS
    I'm not an advocate of bringing in Champ. But would Ike really be a better safety? Ike can't catch and his tackling ability hasn't been the greatest lately. Is that an upgrade over what Champ would offer?


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