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Thread: Could it be this simple?

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    Could it be this simple?

    The Steelers were 20th in total D, 19th in points allowed.

    Offense ranked 20th, 16th in points per game.

    We are likely losing our #2 WR, who was fair to midland.

    We are likely losing 2 out of three starting D lineman, with the 3rd seemingly needed upgraded at NT.

    We are likely losing our FS and our SS is getting old.

    All things considered, our first rounder should probably be on the D side of the ball. Also, the O ranking is heavily titled by the nightmarish first half of the season, where they rarely even achieved first downs, not to mention score with the ball. By the 2nd half of the season, the O produced much better, probably translating to a top 12-10 offense after their horrendous start.

    If there was an exceptional safety on the board I'd be OK going there - but there isn't. I don't see a Troy or Ed Reed in this draft. I say take the best player out of the mix of NT or CB. I think that is where we are.

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    every pick could be on defense and it wont help in 2014
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    this thread again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    every pick could be on defense and it wont help in 2014
    Why do you say that? Because LeBoo won't play any younger players?

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    It's not the draft so much that's going to impact this year. It's the young players. What will we get out of McClendon, Heyward, Worilds, Williams, Hood, Tez, Shark, Golden, JJ? And do we have anything in Fangupo, Williams, Arnfelt?

    I think there's a lot of potential in the younger guys to take a next big step. And we just draft the best guy available on either side of the ball. Long term, we could use a couple D gems in this draft for the long haul. This D has gotten by on 2 great (Troy and James) and a bunch of solid role players for the last several successful seasons. We just need a couple of real difference makers on D.

    Looks like right now, the 2 guys with the most potential to dominate are Heyward and Worilds. Possibly add in Allen as a guy who I still think has huge potential.

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    Everyone wants to put the fork into the Steelers D.

    From the look of it, here's betting Keisel comes back one more year (he didn't look bad last year). He could split time at DE with McLendon if a proper NT is brought in. With the young guys already on the books, the addition of a mid-round type draft pick or mid-salary range type FA gives the DL the depth it needs. What it needs to improve is better plat from the NT.

    ILB- Foote, Williams & Spence fight it out to play alongside Timmons. If you get better NT play, the ILB play will also improve.

    CB- A replacement for Taylor is needed, although it's hard to see Taylor going from #1 CB to #3 or #4 as some predict. But certainly a young guy to eventually replace him is required. William Gay is nowhere near as bad as some of you want him to be.

    FS- Probably the second most important D upgrade after NT. It could be Shark, it could be a FA, or it could be a draft pick. Regardless, it needs to be an upgrade on what Clark gave the last couple of years.

    Spend a high pick on a NT, draft a mid-range DE, draft an early-to-mid range CB, sign a FA FS, and the D looks deep again.
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    Not for nothing but when Al Woods played he didn't look to shabby.
    Does anyone else think the same?
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    Not for nothing but when Al Woods played he didn't look to shabby.
    Does anyone else think the same?
    I definitely do. I watch him and always wonder why he isn't on the field more. He is a beast out there. But I guess LeBoo has something against him. Maybe he doesn't worship the LeBoo alter or something.

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    Your attempt to insult LeBeau by referring to him as LeBoo isn't even a fair to middling effort.

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    5.165 TE Christopher Herndon, Miami 6'4" 253
    7.220 RB Ito Smith, Southern Miss 5'9" 201
    7.246 FS Armani Watts, Texas A&M 5'11" 202

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    Yes. It is that simple.

    The Defense is on life-support, with prognosis unknown. Some big talent ending their careers, while a collection of guys wait in the wings that could be great, or not. The defensive misses in 2008 & 2009 mandate favoring defense in the next two or 3 drafts. Not all need to be #1 picks, but it helps.


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