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Thread: I am already tired of this Gay movement and Sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by legend of polamalu View Post
    Not that there's anything wrong with it...Seinfeld

    Actually there is something wrong with the act of homosexuality if you believe the Bible which America and our Gov't has seem to forgotten. But I don't want to go there. I don't care that Michael Sam wants to play football...he should. I hope he gets drafted (not by us) and has a great career. I am also glad to see that AZ Governor vetoed a bill that would prevent certain businesses to refuse service to Gays. Unless they are acting out their lifestyle in your establishment then they should have the right to eat and shop wherever they want to.
    You see it is their action that is repulsive not them. So let them live their lives and lets cover sports and not their lifestyle. I have my own sins...I don't want them on live tv.
    When I turn on SP Center I want to see sports not some idiot reporter comparing the black movement or a culture with the sin of homosexuality. MLK was a great man who would be ashamed if his name and movement was being compared with the Gay culture. Being gay is not a race, culture, ethnicity or so on. I am not being racial if I don't agree with homosexuality...that is the dumbest most ignorant thing I have ever heard of.
    Anyways, I seemed to of voiced my opinion more than I wanted but the point is... to lets cover the NFL Draft, The Super Bowl, The 214 NFL Season, The Brooklyn Nets....NOT having 15 minute discussions on SC about if M. Sam is going to be treated differently by his teammates. NOT the Nets signing the first open gay man in the NBA. NOT M. Sams every moment at the combine not because he is a top pick but because he is gay.
    I AM SICK OF IT ALREADY...Please make it all go away. But sadly it will not.,, it will only get worse as society loses its morals and seems to not only celebrating a sinful lifestyle but throwing them a parade.
    You know what I am sick of? Bible thumpers who want to tell people how to live their lives! Im a straight guy and I would much rather see people free to be exactly who they are rather then seeing people live under the oppression of your fake sky daddy and his book of fairytales. I love how bible thumpers always equate acceptance and tolerance with a loss of morals, its ridiculous.

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    +1 Mr. Wizard!

    It's the ick factor. Plain and simple.

    The OP is repulsed and looks for anything to help justify his discomfort.

    I am repulsed by people drinking V8 juice or a bloody Mary. I mean, really, what kind of LIFESTYLE is that? I am also repulsed by the lack of human compassion and empathy (the worst sins in the history of the planet). I quickly get over myself and move on.

    Furthermore, it is because of people like you that this even has to be a discussion. The oppression, murder, bullying, etc of minorities for hundreds of years REQUIRES that this kind of thing has to be talked about. It's about F'in time to have a civilized and coherent discussion based in reality.

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    I love my dead gay son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    If people can't be gay because of your religion, then no one can eat pizza anymore because of my diet.
    Good one. That is as reasonable. Only difference is people think their religion is the ONE right way, determined by God. So that means it is THE final say. It makes people insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis View Post
    So am I the only one that thinks that ESPN over did the Sam footage of when he actually got drafted? We usually don't see straight dudes kiss there girl as much as we saw in that instance.
    Yea, that was my thought. The phrase "get a room" applies to everyone. If straight people aren't having sexual kisses on air then neither should gays. If you not hurting anyone and it's a consensual act behind closed doors, knock your socks off; I really don't care at all. But don't shove it in our faces.


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