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Thread: My 2014 Top 10 Mock.

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    My 2014 Top 10 Mock.

    1) Raiders -Johnny Manziel. (Raiders Finally get a franchise QB to rival and or possibly surpass Stabler)

    2) Rams-Khalil Mack ( No way Fisher passes on Mack. Clowney is a physical stud,..but Fisher has been burned by the "Have talent,..may show up" type of player/s. And Mack is not only the total package but dare i say,... ..Clubber lang style pain for Wilson and kaepernick from day one.)

    3) Jaguars- Jadaveon Clowney (Would say Bridewater or Bortles here,...except,...yeah,. they already tried that in their minds with Gabbert and Garrard. So they play it safe,..again in their minds,... with the Draft's "sexiest" pick. Hey, dreadlocks go over very well in Florida. lol)

    4) Browns-Blake Bortles (Browns secure their Roethlisberger,....and if they spend the rest of draft and free agency building a lights out defense,...they just might be right.)

    5) Texans-Teddy Bridgewater (Face it,...The Texans already play D, so securing a franchise signal caller here and picking up extra picks to build depth on either side of the ball here makes absolute sense if they decide, "Negative on Johnny Football.")

    6) Falcons- Jake Matthews (They and their fanbase would have loved Mack or Clowney,...but since Dimitroff is either extremely bold or relatively conservative in action and did not trade up,...he protects the investment that he believes in,...Matt Ryan.)

    7) Buccaneers-Sammy Watkins (New Head Coach, if he's smart he goes with the can't miss player. Barr or Watkins. Barr is my guy ,...but there is no one in the country that could in truth second guess Watkins at this spot. Not only is he plug and play and a future Pro Bowler barring injury,..but again,.... dreadlocks go over reeeally well in the Florida as well. lol)

    8. Vikings-Anthony Barr (Mike Zimmer,....Garappolo later,....nuff said)

    9) Bills-Eric Ebron (Bills see Gronk,.. and raise the Patsies with Ebron)

    10) Lions-Justin Gilbert ( Who really thinks the best CB of his class makes it out of the top ten ? Especially when there is a talented yet unrefined team on the board that must go through a healthy Aaron Rodgers led unit to reach the next level ?)
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