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Thread: Curse of the Towel strikes again for Ray Rice

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    Curse of the Towel strikes again for Ray Rice


    Sooner or later the curse will catch up to you.

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    It will be interesting to see what kind of disciplinary action is taken against him by the league. If the video footage of him dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of the elevator holds up, he should be looking at jail time. But, I doubt that will happen.

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    The curse of being a low life moron is what got Rice. Hitting a woman is a place you never go no matter what.

    I'm sure his buddy Ray Lewis will work a deal with the league for him. What do you think would happen if this was Big Ben three or four years ago? Make another example out of him? This will be another example of how much Ben was screwed by Goodell.
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    Well lets not forget what he posted in regard to Hines when he was pulled over for his DUI.

    I honestly lost a ton of RESPECT for Hines that day but I do believe hitting a woman and dragging her body is much worse.

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    If its true, he should miss games and more than one or two. Lets see if the media drags him through the mud like they did Ben.


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