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Thread: Steeler Type of FA on market at FS...Who's in?

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    First, Clark isn't on the payroll.
    Troy will probably be extended so he can retire a Steeler.
    Troy is not past his prime as evident by this past season, IMO.
    Sign Clark for low?
    He is done, nothing left in the gas tank, don't waste the cap space.
    Delmas OTOH is 27 and although previously injured could be the type of player we got like when we signed Clark.
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Clark doesn't have any football left in him. He has ILB athleticism in a Safety body. Troy isn't the player he once was but if he plays SS with a CF FS behind him....He still could be an asset. But that term "assets" has a shelf life...And it may be 1 or 2 more years. That is the risk in the extension.
    1.Vander Esch / Evans ILB
    2.Harrison / Bates S
    3.Nwosu OLB
    5.Kalen Ballage RB
    5.Lazard WR
    7.Franklin-Myers DE
    7.Frazier DT

    ILBs Off Board:
    1.Reid S
    2.Hubbard OLB
    3.Avery / Sam ILB
    5.Kalen Ballage RB
    5.Lazard WR
    7.Franklin-Myers DE
    7.Frazier DT

    ILBs Reid & Landry Gone...Wouldn't Surprise me:
    1.Gesicki TE
    2.Jefferson LB
    3.Pettis WR
    5.Watts S
    5.Hines RB
    7.Kalambayi OLB
    7.Ford DT

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    by Gerry Dulac
    Feb 21, 2014

    Mark: who plays FS in 2014: S. Thomas, R. Golden, or Delmas (formerly of Detroit)?

    Gerry Dulac: Shamarko Thomas. They didn't trade a third-round pick for nothing.

    Chuck: Is Shamarko Thomas a FS or SS for the Steelers in the near future??

    Gerry Dulac: Free.



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