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Thread: 17 points against Jax????

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    17 points against Jax????

    couldn't watch the game. We have one of the most explosive offenses, *potentially*, in the league. What happened?

    1) OL? (My first guess).
    2) Dum Bass turnovers?
    3) Penalties?

    Uggh -

    (Still, 3-2 w/ Raven's loss ... )

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    OL played good

    one drive killed by a drop

    one killed by fumble

    one killed by penalty

    and just not using le'veon bell enough

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    Thank gawd for the defense...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    Thank gawd for the defense...
    Ya as funny as that may sound, they won the game today

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    Haley went ultra conservative. Came out with three dumb play calls.. Well you guessed it screens like always. First Red zone screens and not1 run, when Bell was averaging 5 yds a carry.

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    I keep hearing these announcers talk up our great offensive stats but they fail to mention the lack of points we put up. That is Haleys fault imho

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    The D had a pick six so the O really only put up 10. They're were awful today. Bell averaged 5.5 per carry but they didn't use him enough in the running game.

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    Pathetic performance by the offense. I have a hard time understanding how our receivers couldn't get open downfield against the worst pass defense in the league. Nothing...all day.

    A win is a win however, and coupled with a Rats loss, it's a good day for the Black-n-Gold.

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    Yes, you would have thought we los how myself and others are talking but to be real, a good offense should have went up and down the field with scoring tds. Cleveland wont go away quietly. Im already picking a Steeler loss next week.

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    The Steelers have some kind of mental block when it comes to a high powered offense winning games. For years I have been thinking, OK this is the year our offense takes off. I love a strong defense, but right now this team needs the offense to dominate. Because they can!


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