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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2013

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    Monday Night Football Executive 2013

    Monday Night Football Executive 2013

    Hall of Champions –

    Ghost - 2006
    Flippinburghers - 2007
    2008 - The Lost Season
    NeClams – 2009
    Falcon Fan – 2010
    NeClams – 2011
    Pfelix73 - 2012
    SteelerofDeville - 2013

    Best Single Week High Score:
    New England @ Indianapolis - Week 10 - 2009 - 145 points

    Single Week High Score Players:
    Ruthlessburgher, Lonbull, Pfelix73, MeetjoeGreene, BigLebowski, Falconfan, Ghost, Neclams, Doogie36, Flippinburghers, Chadman, Angry Asian, Starlifter, NBC

    For those of you new to the game, here is the concept. Year in and year out my buddies and I would plan on getting a Pizza and watching Monday Night Football, sadly many of these games were real yawners. I figured anybody with common NFL sense should be able to schedule better games than what I was watching and so - Monday Night Football Executive was created, to test my theory that NFL fans could pick the closest, or most interesting games week in and week out.

    I realize that NBC and ESPN have a few other things to consider when choosing their games, but in reality people across the country either want to watch their team or the best game of the week, so no excuses. If that weren't the reality NBC wouldn't use Flex scheduling.

    What's at stake you ask - Bragging rights and an entry into the Hall of Champions - it's yours uncontested.

    However to play for bragging rights your schedule needs to be PM'ed to me or added to this thread no later than

    Thursday Sept 5th by 8:30 pm EST.

    Anyone is welcome to join after the deadline – however if you join after the deadline you will be ineligible to enter the Hall of Champions even if they win. Also all schedules will on display once the season begins, even if you’ve emailed them to me privately - to make sure the game is fair.

    As you can see there have been some minor changes and alterations made. We’ve had some really great crews in the past few seasons and I'm looking forward to seeing who is this season's MNF Executive. If you have any questions please post them and I will do my best to address them.

    Soon I will post the ESPN and NBC schedules for MNF Exec.
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    How to Play:

    Pick 1 game per week, for the 17 week NFL Season. In general the better the two teams are (record wise), and the closer and more exciting the game is (i.e. nailbiter) the more points you'll score.

    It's that simple....and that difficult.

    The Rookie and Special Bonuses need to be included as a part of your 17 week schedule, however you are NOT required to use / “go for” any of these bonuses – and you also are NOT required to “Call your shot”. These Bonuses are added primarily to entice MNF Execs. to use teams that they might not include otherwise (like the Colts or Jacksonville).

    Below is a link to the full 17 week NFL schedule.

    Below is the Scoring table that will be used:

    Final Score Points – Except Overtime games.
    35 points - If the game is decided by less than 3 points
    25 points - If the game is decided by 3 points.
    15 points - If the game is decided by 7 points or less.

    (Example: If the score is 36-33 you only receive 25 points, not the 25 and the 15)

    20 points - A game winning FG is attempted with less than 30 seconds left in the game
    An additional 5 points - if the winning FG is 45 yards or beyond and the kicking team makes it.

    35 points - If a team wins the game with a TD, with 1 minute (or less) in Regulation.
    30 points - For all overtime games – however the final score does NOT contribute.
    35 points - If a team, previously down by 17 points or more at any point in the game, wins.

    5 points - If any one player scores 3 TD's in the game.
    15 points - If any one player scores 4 TD's in the game.
    25 points - If any one player scores 5 TD's in the game.

    10 points for every Punt Return or K.O. return TD.

    15 points - If any defensive player gets 2 Int's, 2 Forced Fumbles, or 1 of each. 5 additional points for every Forced Fumble or Interception beyond that. However only 1 player can qualify for each defense in your game, and the higher scoring player will count. (Example: if James Harrison has three forced fumbles, and Troy Polamalu has 2 Int’s – the points would only be 20 points for Harrison – NOT 20 points for Harrison and an additional 15 points for Polamalu).

    Record Bonus - From Week 5 and Beyond

    10 points - if both teams have a record that is .500 or above.
    15 points - if both teams have a record that is .500 or above in the same division
    25 points - if both teams have a record that is .600 or above
    30 points - if both teams have a record that is .600 or above in the same division.

    Playoff Points

    3 points - For every team you include in your schedule that goes to the playoffs
    9 points - For every week your schedule involved two teams that eventually go to the playoffs.

    Week 17 Rule

    55 points / 110 points - In Week 17 if you guess the game that involves a team that only needs to win that game (and receive no other help from another team during that week) you receive 55 points. If that game involves two teams that only need to win to get a playoff spot the score is doubled. There can be no other factors involved to receive the points for this game, i.e. a team cannot need another team to lose that week to make it in. You do not receive additional bonus “record” points for this game.
    (Example if two 8-8 teams meet in Week 17, and both teams need to win to get in – you receive only 110 points, NOT the 110 plus the record bonus of either 10/15 points)

    Rookie Watch --- First to Worst Style!

    If you select a game which features these players scoring their first career Touchdowns the points are given as follows.

    The first rookie to score a TD will earn 25 points for their chosen game, second rookie earns 15, third rookie earns 10, and the last rookie earns 5 points. If the rookies score their first TD’s on the same week the highest equal points are awarded. For example if all of these rookies scored a TD in Week One they would all receive 25 points.

    However if two rookies scored their first TD in Week One those two rookies would receive 25 points, but the next rookie score would be 10 points (because he’s the Third Rookie to score).

    This is divided into two separate sections Running Backs and Wide Receivers --- meaning the Running Back Rookies are NOT competing against the Wide Receivers, they are competing separately.

    RB – Giovani Bernard – Bengals
    RB – Le’Von Bell – Steelers
    RB – Montee Ball – Broncos
    RB – Eddie Lacy – Packers

    WR – Tavon Austin – Rams
    WR – DeAndre Hopkins – Texans
    WR – Cordarrelle Patterson – Vikings
    WR – Markus Wheaton - Steelers

    Special Bonus!

    Week 15 – I’m giving an additional 10 points to the Bengals @ Steelers game provided James Harrison starts the game.

    25 points – When Jarvis Jones records his first sack (even if it’s a half sack).
    25 points – For the first game Le’Von Bell has 125 total yards or more in one game.
    25 points – For the first game Markus Wheaton has 75 Receiving yards or more in one game.

    Odds and ends - rules in case of emergency.

    If there is a tie at the end of the regular season between two or more players - the playoff points are extended until it breaks the tie. In other words - playoff points will be counted, again, for the Second Round, Championship Game, and Super Bowl until the tie is broken.

    If you make a mistake on your schedule and it isn't realized until the week of the game - I will take the first team you write in - (i.e. if it's Seattle vs. Arizona, and it was supposed to be St. Louis vs Arizona - you're stuck with the Seattle game whomever they're playing - unless it's a bye week for Seattle, and then I’ll use the Arizona game).

    ESPN will be awarded the best of their first two games (on Thursday Night) towards a Week 5 and beyond scoring. The reason for this is that they are short 1 game on their schedule towards this scoring system.

    I will combine NBC and NFL Network to come up with the best score possible – however NBC will not receive the aid of their Flex Scheduling. The Schedule they have listed is the one they’re going to get!

    Scores will be posted every Tuesday along with commentary and usually complaining!

    Monday Night Executive is a copyrighted game.

    Good Luck.
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    I'm in, will send in picks later

    Molon labe

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    One player (A rookie) has already PM'd me his Schedule! As always I'm looking forward to it.

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    Of course, I am in too. Will defend the Title! Will post later, after I look at games...
    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    Count me in, I was happy to see the PM from Lonbull. Will have the picks in once I take a look at the schedule and review the scoring. I don't know why I would review the scoring, but I'm going to regardless.


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    5.148 Allen, Marcus, S, PSU
    5.165 Samuels, Jaylen, RB, NC State
    7.246 Frazier, Joshua, DT, Alabama

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    maybe a rookie poster but I have been reading here for awhile .....I just dont post much

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    Average Joos is in as well of course, looking to break out of the middle of the pack this year! (Or maybe fade to the back...! Either way, looking to break new ground this year!) WoOOT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by passhappy View Post
    maybe a rookie poster but I have been reading here for awhile .....I just dont post much
    And why is that??? Welcome to the Planet

    Molon labe

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell

    American metal pimped by asiansteel
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you 1. Jesus Christ, 2.The American G.I., One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

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    no real reason why, but maybe I'll start


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