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As a fan of Ben since he was a rookie I have often wondered how other great quarterbacks would play under the conditions in which Ben plays most every Sunday. This Super Bowl was probably as close to that simulation that you will ever see, there were times Manning had plenty of time, there were times he had an average amount of time and there times he had almost no time, he looked confused and at times inept.

Ben makes a silk purse out of a sow's ear more often than many fans want to believe. If Ben is playing in that game the Broncos have a chance, I don't think he over throws the first INT because of pressure, I'm almost certain he would have moved to avoid Avril walking the tackle back into him and I think he would have hit some plays. The game would have been competitive simply because of Ben's ability to avoid a pass rush. The Broncs probably still lose, the Seahawks did to Peyton what Ben has seen every Sunday for as long as I can remember.

The Seahawks woulda had to respect the deep ball with Ben. They looked great because they're fast and were defending a short field against Peyton. Ben woulda ripped that D apart with Thomas and Decker and his pump fake.

As good as Peyton was this season, that loss was on him. Put a QB like Ben, Brady, or Rodgers on the Broncos and that SuperBowl woulda been a blowout in the other direction.