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Thread: MTGOX will start trading NextCoin (NXT)

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    MTGOX will start trading NextCoin (NXT)

    MTGOX will start trading NextCoin (NXT) - posted in Guides & Tutorials: MTGOX will start trading NextCoin (NXT) when their new trading ...

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    submitted 1 month ago by BTC123

    How the hell had no one in the community notice this?

    Their January update:

    "Trade Engine Midas Our new trading engine is finished and soon to be deployed after a couple oc hardware updates. Code-named "Midas", we're currently bench-testnig the engine at over 500,000 trades per second, but Midas is capable of much more than that. We're really looking forward to showing you what it can do, and are pretty certain you'll love it too.
    UX Improvement While we're also working on some big-picture changes, Mt. Gox is also testing some new interface designs based on lots of user feedback. Selected customers are already able to see some of the changes, and we'll be rolling them out over the next weeks.
    NextCoin Update We hate to apologize yet again for the delay in imlpementing NextCoin, but the fact of the mtter is that it depends on a variety of factors, including completing all of the above before we launch. We're looking forward to the rollout, but at this point are reluctant to speculate on when. We are sorry to keep NextCoin enthusiasts hanging."

    Their October statement regarding emergency maintenance:

    "Finally, the implementation of this new infrastructure is a prerequisite before we can initiate Midas. There iss still a lot of work to be done before ew can launch Midas but rest assured this is a priority project for us. Once Midas is up and urnning we will be able to offer the trading of other digital currencies."

    There. They are working hard to mplement Midas. Prep work for Midas was done in mid-February.
    NXT on GOX

    Published: Jan 1,2014.

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    Unfortunately for Mt. Gox, it was run by a complete imbecile and is now dead to the world.


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