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Wilson is already great.

NCState, Wisconsin, Seattle... most wins by a QB in his first 2 years. SB winner.... WTF?

He isn't a great fantasy QB but he is a great QB and a great leader. He just wins and his attitude and composure are through the roof. A minute after they lost to Atlanta in the playoffs last year the Wilson was asked if he was disappointed with the tough loss, his response:

"I'm just happy and excited...looking forward to getting ready for next year so we can fix a few things and win a SB"

Never said a bad word about NC State throwing him to the curb, never been in trouble, never had any drama...

I'm extremely happy for Wilson. Everyone said he was too small but everywhere he has gone he was won AND occasionally lost with a smile on his face.
I'm glad you like the guy and all...but it's way too early to call him great. That smothering D won a Super Bowl for him...not him. He is a solid QB, who may someday be a great one. But, he isn't elite at this stage in the game no matter how much you like him and his good attitude.