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Thread: what this superbowl has shown us....

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Someone on sports radio said Seattle drafts angry. I see it in Heyward and Troy but thats it.
    They certainly PLAYED angry. That was impressive. The Donks were stunned and looked like they didn't know what hit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I heard someone say the #1 scoring O has never won the SB.
    This Super Bowl was the fifth in which the #1 offense played the #1 those 5 contests, including today's game, the team with the #1 offense won 3 times, the team with the #1 defense twice.

    I'm in basic agreement with your sentiment about the importance of defense, though.

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    Bradshaw, I've read on a number of sites, the exact opposite of what you're saying.

    In the four times that the top scoring offense has met the top scoring defense in the Super Bowl, the defensive-minded team has come out on top. The sole exception was Super Bowl XXIV, as the [URL=""]49ers[/URL] offense had no problem scoring points against the top-ranked Broncos defense.
    Only once has the top defense in total yardage allowed faced the top offense in total yardage gained, and the defensive-minded [URL=""]Buccaneers[/URL] dominated the offense of the [URL=""]Raiders[/URL] in Super Bowl XXXVII.
    Super Bowl XIII (1979) - [URL=""]Steelers[/URL] 35, [URL=""]Cowboys[/URL] 31

    The Cowboys averaged a league-best 24 points during the 1978 regular season and surpassed that mark against a Steelers defense that allowed just 12.2 points per game and gave up just 15 points in the two previous postseason games. However, the 5th-ranked Pittsburgh offense was no slouch and found plenty of success against the Dallas defense that finished the season with the third-fewest points allowed. Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw racked up 318 yards and four touchdowns to win the Super Bowl MVP Award, while Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach finished with 228 yards and three touchdowns.
    Super Bowl XIX (1985) - 49ers 38, [URL=""]Dolphins[/URL] 16

    The Dolphins averaged 32.1 points per game and were never held under 21 points during the 1984 season. That was, until they faced the top-ranked 49ers defense that held them to less than half of their season scoring average. The AP NFL MVP for the 1984 season, Dan Marino, racked up 318 yards through the air on 50 pass attempts, but tossed two interceptions and just one touchdown.
    Super Bowl XXIV (1990) - 49ers 55, Broncos 10

    San Francisco's 55-point offensive outburst is the most points any team has scored in a Super Bowl, and the 49ers did it against a team that allowed just 16.1 points per game. While the 49ers offense was aided by four turnovers, there was little doubt about the offensive prowess of the team, as Joe Montana threw five touchdowns, in addition to three rushing touchdowns from the combination of Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.
    Super Bowl XXV (1991) - [URL=""]Giants[/URL] 20, [URL=""]Bills[/URL] 19

    The Bills weren't offensively inept against the top-ranked defense of the Giants, but 19 points was far from the 95 points Buffalo racked up in the two postseason games prior. The only touchdown of the game for the Bills came on a 31-yard rush from Thurman Thomas that gave Buffalo the lead, but Jeff Hostetler managed to drive the Giants into field goal range with eight minutes to go that proved to be the game-winning score for New York.
    Super Bowl XXXVII (2003) - Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21

    The 2002 Buccaneers defense allowed just 12.3 points per game to carry a below-average offense to the Super Bowl. There, they shut down an Oakland offense that averaged nearly 400 yards per game, intercepting quarterback Rich Gannon five times. the Tampa Bay defense was so dominant in the showing that it produced plenty of scoring of its own -- returning three Gannon interceptions for touchdowns -- and held the Raiders rushing attack to just 19 yards.
    More from [URL=" campaign=hubbottom"]SB Nation NFL[/URL]

    Read more at [URL] Seahawks_in_clash_of_top_offense__defense.html#Is7 OS3VLykAmtsEU.99[/URL]


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    My bad--I thought the offense was up 3-1 before this year's game--it was the other way around.

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    In all honesty, today's game is a lot different then the game 10 years ago.
    Of course that my own opinion.
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    What I found to be rather humorous was watching Peyton drop back and do a play action pass because it seems as if its a habit rather than part of the play. The Seahawks could have cared less if he handed the ball to Moreno, but he kept taking the snap and faking the ball into the belly of a back as if it was freezing linebackers. The Broncos offense was outclassed, similar to the Vikings offense in Super Bowl IX versus the Steelers. The Vikings had 17 yards rushing on 21 attempts (this includes one for 12 yards, without that one they would have had 5 or 6 yards rushing), Dave Osborne rushed 8 times for -1 yards and they had102 yards passing. The Vikings got a gift in the 4th quarter. That performance was easily as dominant as today's, some of you just aren't old enough to remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    Defense still wins championships. I hope the FO keeps this in mind come draft time.
    99.9% of time brother. Steeler ball,..... may we operate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    How old is the DC who won this game?
    Make no mistake...this is Pete Carroll's defense...his scheme and often his defensive calls...he's not the type who allows his DC free reign...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    My bad--I thought the offense was up 3-1 before this year's game--it was the other way around.
    And the one time the offense won.. they had the #3 defense

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    Seattle got amazing production from their late round picks. I'm not sure that is something that is easily copied or repeatable by others. In their run from 2004-2011, the Steelers D was also fed by a lot of hits in the late rounds - Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, KVO as a low level FA, Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark as a low level FA, Townsend, Foote, etc.

    I don't know about their combine numbers, but everybody on Seattle's D seemed to be big, fast or both. In the mid-late rounds this year, I'd like to see the Steelers gamble on a few more high upside/low floor guys.


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