i want no part of woodley unless he plays for half price.
that even includes if we cant resign worilds.
woodley has proven to be fat, lazy and a ******** in the locker room. cutting his ass will be tough to swallow cap wise but will be the best in the long run.
it sends a message to the rest of the team that his type of preparation wont be tolerated. they may think twice about jacking off once they make a few bucks.
we can all hope and pray woodley has some pride but he has shown to have none. he has already stolen plenty of money, why reward that behavior with another 8 million this year?
i would rather give worilds the 8 million rather than woodley. worilds has at least played and produced when given a chance. i dont advocate doing that, but he's shown more heart and effort than woodley has lately and is much younger.
and if woodley leaves and he produces, that will just reiterate what a slacking POS he has been the last few years because he had the money locked up. AND i will guarantee that he wont make 8 million a year for his new team.