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Thread: Gay was Steelers best CB in 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    I concur about Ike; I was attempting to add a little humor to the post by adding the good news/bad news about Gay. Gay is good to have around to do exactly what he did this past year, hopefully, Allen steps up and a top CB is drafted in May.


    I'm with you on all accounts pap.

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    I think we have had too much Gay bashing on this site.

    Gay is certainly not of the Revis talent level but I do think he is a serviceable Townsend like corner. Sure, Gronkowski made him look bad and AP trucked him but go back and think of all the DBs that Gronk has made look bad and Peterson has run over. The guy is solid and I'm glad we have him on the team.


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