One thing I would assert is that fans, especially those that tend to post on forums, tend to be far more negative than the coaches or others who assess plays soberly without some type of emotional disdain. Worilds would not be ranked the No. 2 free agent linebacker if he had done absolutely nothing before this year. He did good things even before this season. But I would say he played markedly well, this year, like perhaps the best OLB in the league. That is what he did this year. He acquitted himself reasonably well beforehand. If you had eyes you could see the talent.

If you want to emphasize injury, then you can. You would be hard pressed to find many players in the league who never had an injury issue. I would rather bet on Worilds than Woodley at this point. Woodley issues have become chronic with the same kind of muscle pulls for three years and he has reached 30. Worilds problems have been different things, and he is younger at 25. I always thank goodness that the negative people on here do not make the personnel decisions. I hope they find some way to keep him. I don't know what his demands may be. I doubt that he personally would be that difficult to negotiate with, but somethimes players leave everything to the agent, who may be a problem.