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Thread: Worilds Ranked Second Best Free Agent LB

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    I think Worilds could be above average, I just don't think he can stay healthy. Myself, I'd cut Woodley, sign Worilds but he'd rotate pretty heavy to make sure he stays healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser View Post
    Way to lazy to look it up. But besides a few sacks does Worilds have any strips or multiple sack games? Really Pro bowl level? Someone else here said one of the best OLB in the league, REALLY? I did not see it. I seen the best OLB on this team with bad OLB play is all. So that does not say much. How has Kruger played? Not sold on Worilds at all. Would keep him for a Steelers friendly deal but nothing else from my point of view. Can Worilds even be a Gildon? Who fans love to hate it seems to me. Was Gildon more then a average OLB? Do we want a average OLB? Or is this all about Woodley really hurting this team and fans? Really wish Woodley would get his head out of his ASS! He can be a game changer. Can Worilds be a game changer? I am not so sure.
    Worilds is definitely on that Gildon scale. I think Gildon is the top of the scale, and a guy like Clark Haggans is the bottom of such scale. That is, a solid guy who doesn't move the needle. If you can team that kind of guy with a guy who does move the needle (i.e. a Peezy, James Harrison), you have yourself a nice situation. My problem with marrying Worilds really, is that I have a feeling that Jarvis Jones is the same type of guy (i.e. only a 7-9 sack guy). And since we're already tied to Jones, we shouldn't tie ourselves to another above-average yet not game-breaking player. Not at OLB, which is a feature position in our D.

    We need at least one great player, a "difference-maker" playing there. Worilds isn't it IMO. Jarvis may not be it (I reserve full judgement, but I'm hesitant). Woodley has proven he isn't it either. We gotta just focus on that, and see if there is such a player in the Top 15 (I think there are three, two of which figure to be gone by then.)


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