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As long as they keep allowing Ben to go no huddle most of the time, the O will be pretty good. If they go back to the traditional, side line calling plays, they will instantly suck again. Please, dear God, let them realize this and not make decisions based on serving egos. I would prefer if this team didn't have to score over 30 every week in order to win, though. If LeBoo is the genius they keep telling us, he should be able to form a decent D, even if some areas are young. If not, how is he such a genius?
That is too simplistic. While I agree with you that defense should be our priority in this draft, saying that all we need is Ben running no-huddle ignores a ton of other factors.

I would like to see our first two picks be (in order): a front 7 asskicker, and then a DB (preferably a CB). After that, go offense if you'd like. But we need a young infusion of speed, spunk, and new leadership on our defense.