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Thread: Another blown call Sunday in NFC game with big implications - I see or hear nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    1) Perhaps he would have missed the closer one, but he should have had the opportunity...

    2) The tragic thing about the FG is that it wasn't even a subjective call, like a PI or the tuck was just straight up incompetence...I can find a way to live with a blown call, but a non-call when the infraction is so obvious just smacks of not knowing the rules, which, by definition, an official should...

    i totally agree that the fg situation sucked, but to say that was the one reason the steelers missed the playoffs is foolish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    i totally agree that the fg situation sucked, but to say that was the one reason the steelers missed the playoffs is foolish.
    Not foolish. A stretch? Perhaps...

    The reason? No...I agree...

    But, it was definitely a reason why they didn't make the playoffs...the fact that they had to rely on another team was bad...the fact that the other team didn't get the chance to make a game winning FG that they should have, according to the rules, simply because the refs did not know those rules, ie. the main part of their job, is tragic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Crunch View Post
    Haven't seen or heard to much about the running into the SF punter that should have been correctly called as roughing and given SF a first down. Instead Seattle gets a 5 yard penalty and the ball and goes on to score. He hit the plant leg of the punter while his other leg in the air, rules says it's roughing and 15 yards, 1st down, end of story. Even Mike Pereira admitted they blew it. In todays NFL every mistake a team makes is magnified... the refs need to get it right. The BS officiating this year that had major implications on playoff seeding and during the playoffs was just sickening. Their were also some plays in the Denver-Cheatriot game where receivers were getting absolutely mugged and no calls were made. Besides having no consistency among the officiating crews it seems that they don't really know or understand all the rules.
    I saw that as an either way call. It was as much that the plant leg hit the attempted blocker - as he bounced forward after kicking the ball - as it was the man hitting the punter. It would have been a very nit-picky 15 yarder.

    I was more annoyed at the SF broadcast bias during the game. On the 15 yarder for helmet to helmet on the Seattle receiver, they showed one angle that was clear H2H on a defenseless receiver. They then showed another angle from behind in which you could only see the two shoulders make contact, but the H2H was blocked from view. They then complained that the call was wrong, even though the other angle showed it happening.


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