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we can blame the official all we want but nothing is going to make them better. the players are getting bigger and faster while the majority of refs are getting older, fatter and slower. Full time refs wont solve this problem. People are gonna make mistakes and miss things. everyone of us do it every day with our jobs. these refs make 95% or greater correct calls and get lambasted for the small percentage of the ones they miss. how many of us would want to get raked over the coals for doing our jobs almost perfect every day? Im no referee apologist. i get just as pissed as the next guy when i see these bad calls. the problem is we get to see every single play at 10 different angles in super slow motion repeatedly. we get to hear head of officials scrutinize bad calls immediately.
the league needs to either do away with all these tv angles they show us or get a review process that can correct ALL ****ty calls or non calls. the technology is there.
I have absolutely no problem with referees missing calls as long as they are making the call. But, when you have replays and see a mistake but its unreviewable then, that's just stupid, IMO.

Let the officials call the game, the game was 10 times better in the 70s and 80s than it is today and the instant replay is one of the biggest problems.