If it was Seattle-New England, I would have been rooting hard for Seattle.

If it was Denver-San Francisco, I would have been rooting hard for Denver.

If it were San-Francisco-New England, I would have thrown up in my Cheerios like last year's Harbaugh Bowl.

Seattle-Denver was the best possible outcome from this weekend. Not sure who I'll root for. We always invite several neighbors over for a Super Bowl Party at my house, so if the neighbor who is big Broncos fan comes over, I'll likely root for them in his honor, even though I'm more of a defensive guy. I considered holding the Seahawks SBXL whining against them, but everyone from that era is long gone. I respect what John Schneider has been able to build up there, but it going to be difficult to field a truly dominant front 7 when the team is going to have to pony up big dollars for the likes of Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, etc. real soon.

And for those who have been fawning over the Seattle unis, those things are horrendous. I thought that neon highlighter green as a staple uniform color when out with the old Orlando Thunder of the World League of American Football. When it comes to fashion statements in the Pacific Northwest, I think they should stick with the flannel shirts of the Nirvana era 90's rather than the ridiculousness that the Oregon Ducks and the Seattle Seahawks trot out on a weekly basis.