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Thread: Bad wee k for the NFL?

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    Bad wee k for the NFL?

    Darren Sharper accused of rape.
    Kellen Winslow Jr arrested for, well..
    Davone Bess arrested for assaulting an officer at the airport
    and yes, Hernandez being investigated for another murder..

    Bad week for the NFL, eh?

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    The games overshadow the news.

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    Bad week for the Brownies.... lose both coordinators and candidates for the HC position dropping out left and right it seems.
    1. C.J. Mosley LB Alabama
    2. Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt
    3. (comp) Philip Gaines CB Rice
    4. Arthur Lynch TE Georgia
    5. Ross Cockrell CB Duke
    5. (comp) Derrick Hopkins DT Virginia Tech
    6. Josh Mauro DE Stanford
    6. (comp) Shaquil Barrett OLB Colorado State
    7. Quincy Enunwa WR Nebraska

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    Also, Geno Smith kicked off of airplane for refusing to turn off his cell phone.


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    Well, if the Pats* lose it's a good week IN the NFL...IMHO

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    Bad week for those individuals. The NFL will continue to thrive regardless of what players do off the field. The never ending commercials during games will kill the league before players' off the field actions.

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    I almost forgot there were games on this week. I hate all these teams that are playing.

    Props if this is your kid:

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    I didn't know about any of those situations until I came here this morning, though I'll admit I wasn't on the internets as usual this past weekend.

    For the record, I'm pulling for Seattle in the SB. There's a lot to like about that team, IMO.


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