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I think so... DL is a genius but even geniuses get old and need to sit down somewhere. Lake was brought in and most DB's say he has made it much easier to understand their roles in this defense. IMO it's because he is younger and he has a better understanding of the way college aged/young rookies process information.

Those other defenses are probably less complex and most of them have players facing the QB and coming up and blasting opponents while are guys are trying to remember all those damn assignments while chasing WR's with their backs to the QB. It's the reason Tebow looks like a star against us while looking like absolute trash vs New England.
These are good points. That D play calling vs. Tebow was among the worst I have even seen in my life. They called a plan that gave him his only chance of beating us: no double coverage deep all day long. None. He does have the ability to just throw it deep; he has proven that his entire career. It's the short and medium stuff he can't complete if his life depended on it. And at half time, no adjustments were made whatsoever, and, had they, they win the game. But what do they do? Keep the dumb a$$ plan the same. The only thing that made it some what livable was that we had no chance beating anyone else left in the play offs regardless.