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You do have this half right. Keisel and Hood are both questionable against the run. I questioned Keisel against the run years ago. No one will argue with you about Hood. From a pure...I'm going to tackle the runner stand point McClendon is probably more than adequate. That isn't the debate here. The debate is what is the responsibility of the NT? Is it coming up with 90 tackles a year? It's about commanding double teams which free up others to not only rush the passer but stop the run. The NT position is a thankless position....often when you are doing it right...your stats will be poor. Its because other teams are having to put 2 guys on him.

So while McClendon might be good against the run, he isn't a good NT. Replace Hood with McClendon and draft a real NT.
I respect that, but if a big WR, CB, Safety or maybe a stud ILB is sitting there along with a stud NT what do you think the order of need will be from 1-5. With Troy, Ike aging and the uncertainty of Spence and Sanders probably gone.