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I don't think nix is a Ngata or a Poe. He definitely doesn't command the double teams on tape that Hampton did either. Nix would improve the rushing defense in situational football...But I would also say you could get that player in this draft with less investment. If Nix was a 3 down player....I would pull the trigger. But he is coming off the field when the Steelers go nickel or dime. He will not push Heyward to the bench & he won't push Hood to the bench if he returns. He wouldn't push the fall back plan of Keisel to the bench either.
I didnt see this before, but before you say this please watch some of Poes tape from memphis, he was not even able to dominate in the C-USA. He was not a good player, he had a ton of potential, was freakishly strong and fast but as far as his tape...easily some of the worst tape ive ever seen from a first round pick.

Nix, imo isnt one dimensional...not poes level as an athlete, but far superior to him as a football player at this stage.