The scouting for the 2014 draft is early but I may have recently had my mind changed on Nix. I would like to share what I have come across.

Why Nix makes sense...
-The Steelers have a huge need at NT
-Nix is clearly the best NT in this draft
-The Steelers generally don't put high draft picks into their secondary
-With the rule changes pass rush is where you put your money
-Nix is an elite run stopper and the Steelers couldn't stop a runny nose this season.

My initial objections to Nix...

-Too big
-Two down player
-Conditioning issues
-Knee issues
-thought he got dominated by Bama, due to the poor ND showing in the National.

And this is the danger with making assessments outside of your comfort zone. Big Ten...I've watched em play...Notre Dame...not so much. So, I came across this bleacher report which really changed my mind about how I was looking at Nix.

Check it out and tell me what you think. If this assessment of his talent is correct...and Nix is there at 15...I believe he is the pick.