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Thread: Two Questions to be Answered

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    Two Questions to be Answered

    When looking for coaching changes, I contend the questions to be answered is:

    1) did the offense improve as the season progressed?

    2) did the defense improve as the season progressed?

    How one answers these questions should drive whether a coaching change should be made. From an overall team standpoint, finishing 8-8 two seasons in a row says they did not make progress. That is on the HC.
    Offensively, there was a steady upward trend in scoring. Interestingly, offensive stuff yards since Nov. 17th were on a steady decline. The ability of the offense to gain positive yards on was key in their sustaining drives.
    Defensively, one can argue no improvement occurred over the course of the season. But there were pockets of good football after the horrid 0-4 start.
    Coaching-wise, the Steelers could have done a whole lot worse. Few games this season were complete blowouts. That should weigh on whether a coach should be retained.
    Special teams, meh. I think they should continue their search as they have done the last couple of years.

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    Both LeBeau and Haley did exactly what people on this board were crying for: make schematic adjustments...

    It led to improvements in both units...

    I have no problem with the ST coach...kickoff coverage needs to improve, but we have had good kickoff and punt returns and even blocked FGs and punts...


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