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Thread: Can we sign at least ONE decent free agent, for once?

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    Can we sign at least ONE decent free agent, for once?

    I know, I know, the Steelers don't sign free agents of note. But after two non-winning, non play off seasons, I think this could be the year they do. You say they have no cap room? I think they will be making Troy re-do his deal, and maybe let one other high priced player, who isn't playing up to his contract, hit the road to make room.

    Then again, Pgh could stick to their usual plan of no high - or even mid - FA name. (Although they did sign a FEW in recent history, including Duce Staley (huge mistake and I knew it at the time), Kevin Greene (a total no brainer and great move), James Farrior (great move), a few linemen, etc.

    So, let's just pretend they might sign a decent FA. Who should they sign? I have a great addition for this team. Brent Grimes. Took a 1 year deal to go to Miami and played great. He is right in his prime, but is 30, so that doesn't fit into the Steeler way; they rarely sign 30+ year old FA. It would be a very solid move. But he was born in PA, something the Steelers over value. However, it's probably safe to say he wasn't a Steeler fan; born in Philly.

    If not Grimes, how about Sam Shields? He is 26, so a 4-5 year deal would be ideal.

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    I would be happy if we signed a decent punter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    maybe let one other high priced player, who isn't playing up to his contract, hit the road to make room.
    This particular move wouldn't save room against the cap; it would actually cost more $ against the cap. Unless it was a designated post-June-first cut, in which case it would continue to screw up our 2015 cap as well...yay!

    Grimes took a $5 million deal coming off an ACL he's made the Pro Bowl...he's gonna be looking to get PAID now.

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    No, we can't afford high prices free agents with our salary cap...besides, we've signed plenty of decent free agents...

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    DeVille would look at:
    Golden Tate, WR, Seattle - This team needs a legit WR on the other side of Antonio Brown... and Hines called him "a younger, faster version of me". Put that on the other side of AB and back it up with Cotchery and Wheaton and hope Wheaton develops... I'm good. Yup, I'd let Manny go.

    Brandon Spikes, LB, Patriots - I haven't seen the 3rd down numbers, but, gone are the days where this team could punt with 4 minutes left and expect to get the ball back. I know, I know, Foote was hurt. Spence is still recovering. Foote's gotta go. I'm good with Vince and Spence as backups, with hopes that Spence makes a full recovery. In the meantime, they need a legitimate ILB next to Timmons.
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    6. Marcel Jensen, TE, Fresno State
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    7. Kaleb Ramsey, DE, Boston College

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    I'd need to see the list of available FAs, but without seeing a list, I would look at a mid level signing at WR, DL, LB, CB/S and P.

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    Here you go sir. Can't see KC letting him walk but McCluster could do special teams and maybe replace Sanders?
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    Our cap situation is so bad we will be focused on making people go away versus adding anyone we have to pay for. Don't expect any change.

    Plus we have to start to think how we clear even more cap space to set up for potential big contracts to Pouncey and others over the next couple of years.
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    I find it funny that guys here are like cap hell so bad save us! But people that do the cap info every year do not see a big problem for the Steelers. Now I agree we will not pay any big money for FA's or I even figure our own players. NONE of the FA's for the Steelers are worth big money that I have seen. Some are older and will take a pay cut or fade out else were. Pouncey better blow it up in 2014 I think. Plus 2015 the cap should jump. Is the cap really hurting the Steelers? Maybe for Lewis I will give you that one. Maybe even for Worilds this off season. But everyone on this board knows the Steelers never play big in FA. Yes we gave out some big contracts to very good players at the time. Yes it is time to get the money in check some. But when you have a big time QB the cap is going to suck. Add in some very good to very special players that had to be paid and you end up right at the cap. Not scared of the cap. Just hit good on draft picks is key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    No, we can't afford high prices free agents with our salary cap...besides, we've signed plenty of decent free agents...
    What decent FAs have we signed lately?


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