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Thread: OT. why do basketball teams that are tied

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    OT. why do basketball teams that are tied

    wait for the last second to take the shot?
    i was watching a game the other day and the teams were tied. the one team had the ball with 24 seconds left to play. they dribbled and passed until the clock read 3 seconds until they took a shot. why didnt they try to shoot earlier?
    maybe someone can help me, im not a basketball guy.

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    Well, teams that play for the last shot want to start the offense (usually) with about 10-12 seconds on the clock and get a good look with around 2-3 seconds left to allow for an offensive rebound and follow should the initial shot be missed and under normal circumstances 2-3 seconds is not enough time for the opponent to rebound and get a quality shot at the other end. Now, of course, basketball history is littered with teams that have rebounded a missed shot with 2-3 seconds on the clock, threw an outlet pass to a player who took a dribble and hits the game winner, but by and large, shooting with 2-3 seconds on the clock leaves you an opportunity for a put back, but not enough for a quality shot at the other end.


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    Ask Tomlin. He might know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    Ask Tomlin. He might know.
    WRONG! Tomlin wouldnt take a shot and would hope for the best in OT
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    Sarcasm was abit too subtle, apparently.

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    The reason you play for the last shot in a tie game is that typically (barring the steal/rebound and long outlet pass play from the opposing team) is that it leaves you in a position in which the worst you can do is go to overtime. If you take a shot early on, say with 20 seconds left, you allow the opposing team to get a rebound if you miss and then take it to the other side of the court, hit a shot, and win.

    This answer assumes, of course, that you weren't attempting to imply something else entirely and are not actually interested in serious answers.
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    You only take the shot immediately if theres snow on the court. Or if someone blocked one of your shots earlier in the game.


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