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Sounds stupid.

He paid his duty behind two solid, top NFL LBs. I don't get all the whining. He's getting his chance now.

I don't think Harrison was whining when he was cut multiple times early in his career and had to work his way into a starting role (dominating on special teams for starters). Sounds alot like sour grapes to me.
No reason he couldn't had gotten more reps to give Woodley and Harrison a break. Both of the "vets" struggled with injuries the past three years. No one is saying that Worilds should had been the starter but he could had been on the field alot more than he was.

The scenario is much like Keenan Lewis. Guy rarely gets significant time on the field until contract year when he performs to a high level and we lose him. Lewis should have been splitting playing time with Gay who is far from an elite player. Like I always say, these young players need to get more meaningful reps so an informed decision can be made before the end of their contract year. In a cap based league you need to get more out of young players sooner so you don't get backed into extending vets who you are comfortable with.