I'm watching SF vs. Falcons.

Two absolutely vomit-inducing calls that change the nature of the game.

1st one a fantastic hit by a DB on a receiver who just caught the ball. Everything below the neck, blew the guy up, turned a long gain into an incomplete. YELLOW FLAG!!! Why I don't know, too rough? Is there some rule now that the DB can't hit the receiver till he catches it? They called UNSPORTMANSLIKE as well as penalty.

And now some absolutely bogus PI call on Falcons, gives the 49ers a new set of downs near the red zone.

This league, this GAME sucks now. It's maybe to the point where it's not worth watching, now that the outcomes of the games are as dependent on bad calls as on good play on the field.

And who knows if we make the playoffs next weekend, but that FRIGGING call where we blocked the FG yesterday but they gave the ball to GB could have made SURE we didn't see the post-season.

It sucks.