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Dude as far as i am concerned Mack is on the same level as Anthony Barr. These kids would be plug and play in a 3-4,...too talented to justify keeping them off of the field. I would be elated to say the least were we to land either of them in the 1st.
However,...i don't see either falling to us and Coach Cowher is not here to make the ballsy go after a special player move and trade up for either.
If there is something old and tired in Pittsburgh it's your damn posts. Everyone gets you don't like Tomlin and you think the entire team is sinking. Start a damn blog or something.

As far as the rest of the thread is concerned I don't know who I want the Steelers to draft. I'm not as hard up on Ike as most and believe he still has gas in the tank. He's certainly not out of shape and he held some elite receivers in check. He just can't catch but he's never been able to catch. I think the Steelers find a way to keep Worilds and I could see Woodley getting a contract restructure with performance incentives or he's gone. I'd too would like to see a corner drafted but I'm not sad Lewis is gone and once again I still think Taylor is made out to be the scape goat because he's not picking off the ball. The day he's gone is the day we realize what we had in him at corner. I wouldn't complain about Mack if that's who we grab, especially if he's BPA.