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Sanders has been a little better than I think he is getting credit for. Some suggest he is not a real No. 2 receiver. What would that be? I checked NFL stats, there are 8 teams in the NFL among 32 that have a No. 2 wide receiver who has gained more than Sanders 700 + yards. So in my mind he is in the upper echelon of No. 2 receivers. I think he is replaceable as are 90% of the rest of the players, but I also think he has been among the better players on the Steelers this year and much more of a positive than not. Also gives the team an above average returner.

I think he can and probably will get better. I think he needs to work on his strength IMO, but he has been mostly healthy for the last two years. It's more rare for a player to never be injured, which is what I guess fans think should happen. He won't get a massive Mike Wallace deal. If he came back, they could draft all defense. I think he and Antonio Brown have proven that scoring TDS for them, even both being under six-foot is not a problem.
Exactly.. every wants three #1 WRs and that isnt possible. Sanders is an above average #2 who knows the playbook and Ben likes him. Fans want Sanders gone because their 3rd round fantasy pick would be a superstar.