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Thread: Lamarr Woodley Could Be Playing For His Career

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    Lamarr Woodley is a straight f@ta$s

    Hamstrings, calf... now he comes back, and tweaks his other calf!

    His injuries are not the result of players landing on him, or other forms of injury, that are part/parcel with football. He is getting the same injuries that I would be getting (as a fat, out-of-shape man), trying to run around on the football field. Ridiculous!

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    way to give us 3 plays LAME R before calling it a night
    tomlins playoff record with mostly cowhers players 5-2 (first 4 years)
    with mostly his own 3-4 (last 6 years)
    averaging 1 1/4 win per year and a 1/2 a loss per year with cowhers guys
    averaging 1/2 win per year and 3/4 losses per year with his own

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    [URL=""]Lamarr Woodley Could Be Playing For His Career[/URL]

    First he has to play


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