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Thread: St. LeBeau wants to return in 2014!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    He was dinking and dunking the whole game whether we were sending guys or not.
    Did you not watch the 3rd quarter?
    Instead of keeping his foot on the pedal, LeBeau went into safe mode with the cushions all across the board.
    This lead to two marches down the field.
    As far as letting AG run down field untouched, whats wrong with bumping a guy off the line and disturbing the route?
    Yes tackling the catch used to work.
    It's not working so stop forcing the square peg into the round hole.
    That's my point. He did switch up and started sending guys. Is it his fault that they weren't successful in getting to Dalton?

    The reason you don't bump Green in that situation is because if you miss he is gone. We had the perfect defense called for that play yet we still almost blew it. That is not DL's fault.

    I'm not saying LeBeau is perfect. The Bengals coordinator certainly got the better of DL when they came out in an unbalanced line to the left and ran the read option the other way. They had to have studied our tendencies and realized we were a man short on that side. That is all on LeBeau.

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    Despite your perceptions, LeBeau is correct that the defense isn't that far off from being good.
    3rd best in the NFL in # of opponents rushes over 10 yds. 6th best in the league in opponent targets caught. 6th best in the league in opponent completion percentage... list goes on.
    try watching another NFL team besides the Steelers some weekend and you will get a better sense of just how awful some of them can be. Clark had it right, being so good for so long has a way of skewing your perceptions.


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