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Thread: Pouncey's Worth - You're the GM

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    Are those numbers only the salaries, or a cap number. If you don't include the value of the SB then the number is not relevant.

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    They need to pay him. I think he is worth top 5 money.
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    6. FS Adrian Amos Penn State 6/200
    7. DT Terry Williams East Carolina 6-1/340

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    Maturity would be nice......I know, I'm nitpicking.
    Maybe we should get rid of Ben too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by focosteeler View Post
    They need to pay him. I think he is worth top 5 money.
    so do I...

    I could see if Pouncey went down on his own but he had help this year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    So you are faulting him because he got his knee rolled up on? The guy is a pro bowler, what more do you want from him? You would think with the way some fans act that this Steeler team is rolling in OL talent.

    probowl selections dont hold much weight.
    base his value of what he does on the field when he is actually on the field.
    over valuing our own guys is one of the reasons our team sucks right now.
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    2) Derek Rivers OLB
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    6) Michael Roberts TE
    7) Samson Ebukan OLB

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    With Pouncey in the lineup the last 2 years how did this O-line grade out?
    With Pouncey out this year how did the O-line grade out?
    While the O-line looked a lot better the last few games it sucked with or w/o him.
    What does that tell you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    With Pouncey in the lineup the last 2 years how did this O-line grade out?
    With Pouncey out this year how did the O-line grade out?
    While the O-line looked a lot better the last few games it sucked with or w/o him.
    What does that tell you?
    That has little or no correlation to how good or bad Maurkice Pouncey is as a center in the NFL. There are 5 players that make up an offensive line, 6 if you include a tight end, Mike Webster or Dermontti Dawson weren't making this offensive line good over the past two years and they are both in the HOF and can be argued that they are the #1 and #2 centers of all time.

    Unless you're watching game film with the coaches all we really see on TV is a microcosm of what happens on any given play. Pouncey's peers, coaches and opponent coaching staff believe he is a top center in the NFL and based on the woes the Steelers have had over the years with offensive linemen, IMO, it would foolish to not sign Pouncey. Velasco may have held down the fort while Pouncey was out, but we also don't know how much of the playbook was eliminated due athletic limitations of Velasco (maybe, none, but, maybe a lot as well). I don't recall seeing Velasco pulling (which we all know Pouncey can do) and I'm not astute enough of an evaluator to determine if Velasco can get his first block and then get into an LB or safety if necessary. I'm certain that I've seen Pouncey do those things.

    Keep Velasco as a backup and/or swing guard, pay Pouncey, DeCastro came along great, Foster played well, the tackles are the issue at this point. Adams may or may not be the solution at LT, Gilbert may or may not be the solution at RT, Beachum held his own, Whimper I'm not sure about.

    IMO, it would be a big mistake thinking that Velasco is going to replace Pouncey.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Sorry Shawn but I really see Pouncey as the next Woodley. Can't stay healthy, more hype than performance, etc. I'd really be worried that once he gets the big money his performance becomes mediocre. Plus he always seems to be hurt and that won't go away as he gets older and takes more wear and tear on that body especially coming off the knee injury.

    BTW--I really like your first three picks on your 2014 draft. Need to add a TE!
    +1 Pouncey does no good to us hurt. His ankles are all jacked up and now his knee is an issue. I am going to bet that Pouncy will not be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis View Post
    I want to know what's up with the desire to play guys out of position
    That's the Steelers way. Just consider, RBs generally run better to the right and we start the season with our 2 most physical run blockers on the left side of the line and our best pulling G on the right.

    It would make so much sense to have Adams and Foster playing on the right and DD on the left to pull right. Our running game would be explosive. Add Pouncey back into the mix and I think we can be a dominant OLine even with Beachum at LT.

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    5 years / 25 million.


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