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Thread: We still have a chance at the playoffs

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    We still have a chance at the playoffs

    can someone do me a favor and post the dumb and dumber clip?
    that kills me and would certainly be appropriate

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    I no it's stupid but as long as there's a theoretical chance i don't give up.
    Looking at Baltimore's shedule it's not totally unthinkable that they'l lose all 3.
    The Dolphins host the Patriots next week. They won't win that one.
    In week 16 they go to Bufallo. Well that could be our neckbreaker, althoug it is not totally unrealistic that the Bills can take the home win.
    If they do it all comes down to the jets vs Miami in week 17. The Jets are currently at 6-7 which means that if they win one of their next two they'll have atheoretical palyoff shot before week. Therefore they'll give Miami a real fight. Although Miami will be the favorite in this one, they could lose. They are not that much better as the Jets.
    So while it's along shot, if we win out there's still some hope left.

    Indeed there are even scenarios where we could get in if the Ravens, the Dolphins, the Jets and teh Chargers all finish at 8-8. So even if Miami wins in Buffalo and the Ratbirds get a win somwhere it isn't over.
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    No! They Don't!! Give it up!!
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    No! They Don't!! Give it up!!
    I can't watch meaningless football games (too many other things to do), so until they're mathematically eliminated (which at this point they are not) I hope for a spot in the playoffs. Competitively, they probably don't have a chance, but mathematically they do and if not for Antonio's swerve to the sideline we would either be in the 6th spot or 7th spot right now. The playoff scenario can change drastically in one weekend at this point, a win by the Steelers and losses by other teams that are just as erratic as we are and we're back in the real thick of it.


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    They are not winning the next three. The Benglas smell blood and a chance to sweep a hated division rival. The Pack are still in it after a tough fought comeback of Atl. Even the Browns are not a given.


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