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I agree about the D. And like I said, I wouldn't shed tears if DL retired or was replaced. I think there comes a time when there needs to be a new voice heard and this is probably that time. Only person I know that has a "job for life" is the Pope.
The D is definitely the MAJOR problem. But Haley is also a problem. In short, the D is terrible and the O is schizophrenic. Does not lend itself to a winning season.
If someone made a post about the lack of runs in the second quarter I would chime in. I'm not a fan of Haley but I don't think he is the reason we are struggling.

Did anuone have faith when our D trotted on the field? Remember when we lpoked forward to seeing our D crush opponents?

Until we get another James Harrison or Joey P I think we will continue to have problems. We don't have that voice on D and its clear its affecting our play.

Teams feared us... even if they won the game they left town with a few losses. Teams WANT to play us because whatever funk they are in will be cured because we give teams hope.